Salvatore Ferragamo

The first step after the new creative director takes office

Changing the brand name and font is the first step after the new creative director takes office. On September 21, 2022, Ferraramo released a new brand name, with the original “Salvatore” removed and the retro floral font replaced by an sans serif font designed by British graphic designer Peter Saville; The brand’s social media account has uploaded 6 white images, announcing that a new chapter is about to begin. Three days later, the old site of the Archbishop’s Seminary of Milan (which is also the location of the upcoming Portrait Milano Hotel, acquired by the Ferraramo family) was covered in red gravel. Davis presents a series with exquisite proportions and a leisurely style amidst this strong and rich authentic red.


The debut consists of 65 styles, drawing inspiration from the rugged attire popular among professional women in the 1980s, to showcasing Hollywood’s seaside leisurely style with drag skirts and vests, polo shirts and shorts, and other daily items. Davis blends formality and leisure in his design, while also incorporating sexy elements conveyed by tight and asymmetrical cuts, as well as transparent fabrics.


The most impressive red color on the show was interpreted by the media as “the red crystal shoes customized by Salvatore Ferragamo for Marilyn Monroe in 1959, as well as the flag of Trinidad and Tobago.”. Davis explained that red has always been Ferragamo’s logo. “From the store to the shoe box, red is everywhere, it just needs to be more direct and easily perceived. Every brand needs a symbol, whether it’s color, logo, or logo.”. For Ferragamo, red is one of them


A clear declaration has been issued to the industry. The addition of Davis brings a contrast: tailored suits and sportswear, sharpness and softness, solemnity and sexiness, Caribbean culture and Italian culture.

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