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100 pairs of shoes for Princess Diana

In the era without the internet, it is extremely difficult to be noticed! But at that time, Jimmy Choo was unexpectedly featured in an 8-page fashion magazine, making him instantly popular! Princess Diana became his loyal customer back then, having over 100 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes before her death.


In the 1998 film “Sex and the City,” the female protagonist Kelly said when she was feeling down in love: “Since I don’t have a partner, I’ve decided to free my ankles from boring life and buy many, many pairs of Jimmy Choo!”! Instantly hype up this brand again! After a 15 year hiatus, in the highly discussed Korean drama “You from the Stars,” Qian Songyi revealed her mournful face in search of a pair of her Jimmy Choo shoes. With the help of classic drama, Jimmy Choo’s shoes have always had a high level of discussion.


Jimmy Choo once said: Fashion trends are constantly changing, and big heads, super high heels, and so on are not mainstream. The mainstream is always comfort. No matter what the trend is, he believes that being easy to wear is always the top priority, which is also the reason why he insisted on making 4-inch shoes high when he founded the brand. He believes that no matter how high the shoes are, they are not good for the body.


The comfortable and fashionable characteristics make the Jimmy Choo brand the first choice for many people to walk on the red carpet, whether it’s the red carpet for ceremonies or weddings, Jimmy Choo will always be the first choice! Among them, Jimmy Choo’s Cinderella limited edition custom high heels, designed specifically for Disney’s fairy tale movie Cinderella in the past, are also a dream item for many people! Both Lin Chi ling’s wedding and Angelababy’s wedding wore this series of shoes.


In recent years, Zhou Yangjie has sold all his shares, while he has retired to the background and went to Jimmy Choo Couture, which has been established for 25 years, to make handmade shoes. He hopes to inherit the craftsmanship, so he only produces about 5 pairs of shoes per week, with a price tag of tens of thousands of yuan, which is still highly sought after.


From a humble family to becoming a master shoemaker, Jimmy Choo’s charm is not only a fashionable pair of shoes, but also an art master who loves shoemaking craftsmanship. Let what you wear on your feet be not just a pair of shoes, but a permanent collection of artworks!


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