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Yang Mi, the pinnacle of fashion: New dramas are constantly under discussion, with stunning long legs conquering Christian Louboutin and becoming the first female spokesperson in Asia

In the domestic entertainment industry, Yang Mi is undoubtedly the shining star, and her name has almost become synonymous with fashion and trend. Recently, with the continuous popularity and release of new dramas and movies, Yang Mi has once again become the focus of public attention. However, her charm is not limited to film and television screens, and the fashion industry also favors her. Recently, Christian Louboutin, a top French footwear brand, officially announced Yang Mi as its first female brand spokesperson in Asia, undoubtedly pushing her to the pinnacle of fashion once again.

Yang Mi’s body management has always been one of the reasons why she is highly praised. She is 168 centimeters tall and maintains a weight of about 45 kilograms all year round, which allows her to always show her perfect figure in front of the camera. Not only that, her towering long legs have become a major symbol of her, whether on the red carpet or in daily life, she always appears in the most perfect posture in front of people. Therefore, she is also affectionately referred to as a “leg fairy” by fans.

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