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Best Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

The Hangisi series diamond buckle shoes are the first choice for wedding shoes, not only with high appearance, but also much easier to wear than Christian Louboutin high heels. In Sex and the City, Mr When Big proposed to Carrie, he gave them a pair of blue high heels with diamond buckles, making them a hot wedding shoe. At the same time, traditional wedding shoes are mainly white and gold, and this pair of navy blue satin Hangisi is not only eye-catching, but also in line with the custom of wearing something blue for Western weddings. In the following decade or so, this pair of high heels became truly the best wedding shoes.

To this day, the Hangisi series still uses handmade crystal inlay to decorate the upper. The outer layer of the upper is made of satin material, which is gorgeous and eye-catching, while the inner layer is made of lambskin, providing a smooth and soft foot feel. It is divided into Flat, 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 10.5cm, and 11.5cm heels, making it convenient for different groups of people to choose.

In recent years, the newly released Nadira series is also one of the best choices for wedding shoes. The crystal arrangement embedded on the upper is arranged in an orderly manner, resembling wheat ears. High heels appear delicate and compact, highlighting the slender and delicate look of the feet. Although it doesn’t have many colors to choose from, with white and black being the most classic, it is better at handling combinations than the colorful Hangisi.

However, due to trademark disputes in China, Manolo Blahnik has not officially entered the mainland market, and the above-mentioned series can only be purchased on the brand’s official website and FaFaqi’s domestic official website. Its high heels are made in Italian sizes, with accurate shoe sizes. Women with slim foot shapes can choose the size of the single shoe they usually wear, while women with wide feet and high instep should choose a larger size.

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