Manolo Blahnik

Introduction to Manolo Blahnik Collection

The Hangisi collection: This collection is a classic by Manolo Blahnik, known for its iconic diamond buckle. It offers a variety of height options, including flat bottom, 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 10.5cm, and 11.5cm. In addition to satin materials, there are also fabrics such as lace, velvet, woven fabric, and sheer.

Nadira Pointed Pump Collection: This collection is known for its unique wheat ear diamond decorations, elegant and elegant design, perfect for formal occasions such as parties and dinners. This shoe is usually smaller in size, it is recommended to choose a larger half size when purchasing.

BB Series: Inspired by the French goddess Brigitte Bardot, this classic pointed thin sole high heel shoe features different heel heights of 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 10.5cm, and 11.5cm. There are various colors available, with occasional patchwork and painted designs. In addition to traditional cowhide, there are also soft suede, lace, and mirrored materials available.

Maysale series: Born in 1991, this series is famous for its simple square buckle design. It includes various styles such as Pump, Mule, and Slingback, with a heel height of 5cm to 7cm, making it perfect for daily wear. The Maysale series also offers a style that replaces square buckles with diamond buckles, adding a youthful vitality.

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