Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin, founder of “Red soled Shoes”, has a personal net asset of over 1 billion US dollars

Christian Louboutin, the founder and renowned designer of the French luxury footwear brand, has become a billionaire.

According to the latest Forbes report, Christian Louboutin’s net assets have grown to $1.2 billion, with the majority coming from personal brands and the remaining from his personal investments, such as the luxury resort Vermelho Hotel opened in southern Portugal in 2023.

Christian Louboutin also owns multiple properties worldwide, such as:

A spacious apartment located near the Op é ra Garnier in Paris

Owning a house with a sailboat in Luxor, Egypt

Having apartments in Los Angeles, USA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Owning a 17th century house in Aleppo, Syria

In Melides, Portugal, there is a 350 acre estate located near his luxurious resort

In addition, he also made other investments with business partner Bruno Chamberland, such as having a seven bedroom villa in Lisbon and a 13th century castle in a French countryside called Ch â teau de Champagllon (where he reportedly collected 8000 pairs of shoes).

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