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The sound of “da da” has a sense of time, and the high heels are despised

Most of the people entering and exiting Jing’an Kerry Center are experienced workplace women. They mostly wear sports shoes when going in and out, and out of nearly a hundred pairs of flat shoes, there are probably one or two pairs of high heels, still thick heels.

In the bustling office buildings of Lujiazui, most of them are foreign financial professionals. Occasionally, one or two women wearing high heels can be seen, but most are still wearing casual shoes.

Not to mention in the trendy fashion center of Anfu Road, it is easy to identify those wearing high heels, and most of them are e-commerce models who come to take photos of clothing combinations for the store.

In Shanghai, young people really give up on high heels.

Lina is a shoe controller, and the shoes she bought occupy the entire shoe cabinet.

Slim and delicate flat bottomed ballet shoes, versatile everyday canvas shoes, tough and cool leather flat bottomed boots… except for the absence of high heels.

”I don’t like the clattering sound of high heels, it gives me a sense of age

Lina believes that wearing high heels is more like a habit of the mother generation, and now many shoes can meet the needs of leisure comfort, easy matching, high appearance, slim legs, etc. Young people can also have more suitable fashion expressions based on this.

Magnesium Magnesium, who works in a high-end office building, admits that there are almost no high heels in her shoe cabinet.

When she first graduated, she bought a pair of black patent leather 8-centimeter slim high heels. It was her first time wearing them and she almost walked home. “It hurts so much, I took it off and placed it next to the trash can as soon as I walked downstairs,” she said

Now she mostly wears sports shoes and loafers. There is only one pair of high heels, black basic style, with a heel of about 5cm. These can basically handle all situations.

“Nowadays, there are no important occasions where it is mandatory to wear high heels. Wearing them like this on a regular basis seems a bit out of place.”

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