FERRAGAMO, you have changed! The new design is good!!

When it comes to Ferragamo in the past, the first thing that comes to mind may be a very classic and secure image.

Elegant and elegant design, giving people a sense of temperament!

But just last year, FERRAGAMO welcomed a brand new creative director Maximilian Davis! He is extremely young, born in 1996!

After watching his debut, everyone exclaimed: FERRAGAMO has really changed!!

The style suddenly becomes super youthful, fashionable, and has a great attitude!

Now at Fashion Week, FERRAGAMO has also become one of the most anticipated big shows for me. picture

Compared to many brands with overly commercialized designs, FERRAGAMO’s show is rare, giving me a very high fashion feeling!

Various special silhouettes and bold color schemes do not require any large logos to support the stage.

And several women in Europe and America who are at the forefront of fashion have recently worn FERRAGAMO’s products.

I think wearing a total look all over gives me the most feeling, it’s both high-end and particularly chic!

It has to be said that the design of the new FERRAGAMO is really impressive~

Continuing with a sophisticated tone while also filled with fresh blood, it looks particularly avant-garde and cool.

It’s really trendy!! It’s like cheating!


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