Christian Louboutin

Paying tribute to classics in the name of classics

The slow sound of the flute adds a touch of charm to the traditional courtyard, and the traditional Chinese actors, dressed in colorful clothes and skilled in dancing, come with lingering sounds, circling around the beams.


From the appreciation of civilization in Chinese and Western art, to the elements that form classic fashion, creativity emerges and infinite possibilities burst forth in the light touch of the wine glass.


Thirty years ago, Christian Louboutin, the founder, looked at the original black soles, took the bottle of red nail polish from the assistant’s hand, and smeared it on the bottom of high heels. A classic about red soles started from this.


This year marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of the red sole element, and the classic of red sole shoes has always stood tall in the fashion capital. Red, as the classic logo of the brand.


In the heart of designer Christian Louboutin, it is the fortress of the brand. In order to solidify this fortress, new creative inspiration and deeper concepts for art have become crucial.


Traveling always brings Christian Louboutin new thoughts, and the vast horizons he sees during his travels make him realize the importance of sustainable development. If fashion means extinction, then sustainable development is a question that designers need to think, think, and practice.

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