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Irresistible charm | Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo seems to have a kind of magic, its price is expensive, but even girls who don’t like buying shoes are obsessed with it and include it in their Dream List.

At that time, when TV dramas were popular, this shoe once ranked No.1 in the shoe purchasing circle.

Symbolizing beauty, fit, and durability, it has become a symbol of women’s confidence and is more worthy of permanent preservation.

Especially the brand’s crystal shoe series, with its gorgeous appearance and exquisite craftsmanship, has become a dream choice in the hearts of countless women.

These shoes are not only decorations worn on the feet, but also a way to showcase personal charm and taste.

As a key fashion item that runs through the entire drama, every time netizens see these shoes, they think of the scene in the show that they have watched many times in fast forward and backward.

To what extent did you love it in the drama?

Even though the limited edition has disappeared, she still insists on wearing it, to the point where stylists are frantically searching for it all over the world.

Not to mention that, even when she went crazy drinking, she couldn’t forget her Jimmy Choo.

Quietly interjecting, in 2015, while watching the Japanese drama “Nine to Five”, Tomohisa Yamashita, who played the handsome “monk”, fell in love with Ryuko Ishihara, who played Runko. The first pair of high heels he gave him was also Jimmy Choo.

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