jimmy choo

Jimmy Choo | Your crystal shoes have been found

Flowing and shining like high-end jewelry

JIMMY CHOO’s brand new crystal shoes shine brightly

Interpreting Modern Fairy Tale Fairy Shoes


Crystal shoes are symbols of dreams and magic, a hymn to eternal charm. Love has inspired me to create and transformed into Swarovski heart-shaped crystals adorning the shoe upper.


Handcrafted and meticulously inlaid with 9 different sizes of crystals, each shoe upper and sole consumes approximately 6469 pieces (a total of approximately 12938 pieces), giving a beautiful wish of love, symbolizing a long and lasting meaning


Carved into heart-shaped crystals, clustered around the toe of the shoe, it not only echoes the everlasting love, but also plays a unique role in stirring the strings of the heart


The crystal surface is surrounded by ultraviolet halos

Rainbow lining shining with colorful hues

Achieve its extraordinary and extraordinary qualities

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