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Wedding is definitely one of the most important events in a girl’s life. In addition to formal attire, a pair of stunning wedding shoes can also add points to your wedding outfit. Recently, Lin Chi ling held a low-key and full of happiness wedding in Tainan. Multiple charming dresses envied a group of girls, and the pair of Jimmy Choo’s stunning wedding shoes on her feet made all girls in China’s eyes shine!


Jimmy Choo founder Zhou Yangjie comes from Malaysia and was officially established as a footwear brand in 1996. Born into a poor family, he used his natural talent to make all women fall in love with his designs. This inexplicable sense of fashion makes it difficult for many girls who love beauty and dressing to extricate themselves. Perhaps it is truly unique!


So where will this shoe brand, which has been established for over 20 years, be different from others? Jimmy Choo’s 10 life stories can help you better understand him.

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