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Luxury and gorgeous shoes

Princess Diana is a loyal fan of Jimmy Choo and greatly appreciated his craftsmanship when she first met with Jay Chou.

Zhou Yangjie: I always adhere to the comfort of shoes and cannot abandon the original intention of making shoes due to the aesthetic of fashion.

As the earliest classic Romy collection of Jimmy Choo, the shoe styles are named based on different heights of the heel.

They are Anouk (12cm) Abel (10cm) Agnes (8.5cm) Aza (5cm).

Among them, Abel has become popular in the Korean community, and it is the same model as the female lead Qian Songyi in the popular Korean dramas of that year. After the revision, it was named with numbers, such as 85 (8.5cm).

The most popular crystal shoes are from the Romy series 85, which is the dream of many girls with high heels!

The Romy series shoes are made of patent leather, suede, and lace. The designed toe is quite pointed with a slight curvature, making it a classic pointed shoe of Jimmy Choo.

This series of shoes will have a relatively shallow muzzle, a back and straight heel, making them more sexy and feminine when worn.

Compared to the Romy series, The Love series is also one of Jimmy Choo’s big favorites.

It is easy to associate the three English letters “IDO” with weddings.

The styles in the IDO series are very suitable for women’s wedding shoes, using design elements such as pearls, crystals, and bows.

Combining the cuteness and sexiness of women, unleashing their charm at weddings, as if a wedding can fulfill a romantic princess dream.

IDOINCHOO includes the Azia series Minny series Teja series Aveline series The Sacora series The Sacria series Aurelie series Rosie series Bing series, etc.

Even if you don’t know which one to choose, with a sufficient budget, take it all and be a Jimmy Choo girl to the fullest!

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