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Jimmy Choo product line

Jimmy Choo brand takes women’s shoes as its core product, and also introduces handbags, small leather goods, scarves, sunglasses, glasses, belts, perfume, men’s shoes and other products.

2024 Summer Collection

The vast and boundless California – with its vibrant light, vibrant colors, and expansive horizon, is all a source of inspiration for Jimmy Choo’s 2024 summer collection. This summer, classic styles such as DiHeel and DIAMOND have been redesigned and inspired, adding a fresh sense of season, giving off a brand new look. Brilliant and vibrant colors are integrated into the design, just like the bright light shining under the Pacific sun. Colors such as matcha green, sunny yellow, rose pink, and tanzanite lilac are applied to fashionable and vibrant appearances, interweaving unexpected contrasts. Throughout, Jimmy Choo has demonstrated iconic exquisite craftsmanship.


Jimmy Choo’s bold and unconventional design style perfectly meets Malbon’s disruptive and innovative ideas about the golf world. For the first time, two brands have teamed up to perfectly blend high-end golf products with Jimmy Choo’s 28 year heritage of exquisite charm.

This series is inspired by the sport of golf and tells the story of the popularization of golf. By depicting the common values of the brand, integrating universal appeal, and combining fashion charm with swing art.


The DIAMOND series features a multi faceted cut design on the shoe and bag chains, showcasing a versatile look and marking the birth of a brand new handbag collection. The DIAMOND series has become a dazzling presence this season, with two handbags featuring the brand’s iconic multi faceted metal buckle decorations, namely the handbag and crossbody style.


The finishing touch of a wardrobe – explore stunning women’s accessories that will help you showcase your unique style throughout the four seasons. Explore more pairing options, including jewelry, small leather items, scarves, and hats.

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