Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo brand culture

Ferragamo’s shoes, clothing, and even scarves all exude a luxurious and elegant style, but no matter how boundless his design ideas are, he always believes in the importance of practicality and style, which is particularly prominent in shoe design. When Ferragamo wears shoes, it is equally important to demand comfort and innovative design, as many women suffer from serious foot problems due to wearing unsuitable shoes, Ferragamo was very surprised.


In order to make his shoes more comfortable, he studied foot structure at the University of California, where, Ferragamo learned how the weight of the body exerts pressure on the soles of the feet, so he designed shoes with added iron plates to enhance the support of the shoes at the arches. In the era of continuous mechanization in industry, Ferragamo’s shoe making method can be considered unique. Firstly, he measures the size of the foot for the customer, and then carves the shoes onto a wooden brick. Despite the growing demand, Ferragamo was forced to expand his business, but he still refused to use machines to make shoes. Therefore, he came up with a solution for manual production lines, where each worker was specifically responsible for a certain part of the shoe making process. This way, while expanding his business, he still did not need to rely on machinery.

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