Salvatore Ferragamo

The Legend of Salvatore Ferragamo

Since the establishment of the eponymous brand in 1927, the first generation shoe king Salvatore Ferraramo has withstood the global economic recession and World War II, but still stands firm and has become an enduring representative of classic fashion brands today.

Born in the small town of Bonito in Naples, southern Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo has a family of fourteen siblings. Although Salvatore dropped out of school at the age of nine and dreamed of becoming a shoemaker since childhood, he became an apprentice shoemaker at the age of eleven and opened a shop at the age of thirteen, playing the prelude to his legendary shoe industry.

Afterwards, Salvatore went to Santa Barbara, California, USA to open a shoe repair shop and designed the shoes used in the movie, making his name popular in the celebrity industry. At that time, Salvatore went to the University of Los Angeles to study human anatomy, aiming to create perfect shoes. In 1923, he opened the Hollywood Boot Shop in Hollywood and collaborated with many famous film producers, making the name Salvatore Ferraramo even more well-known. In 1927, Salvatore returned to Italy and opened its first store in Florence.

The success of Salvatore Ferragamo lies in its commitment to product quality. Even in today’s mechanized production process, all products are hand sewn, and each technician is responsible for only one process, making each process more perfect.

In 1951, Salvatore Ferragamo completed her first fashion show. Nine years later, Salvatore died in, and his wife Wanda Miletti took over the business with six children, expanding Ferragamo to men’s and women’s fashion, handbags, scarves, ties, perfume series, etc., and developing into a fashion brand of “Dressed From Head To Foot”.

Ferragamo later developed into a fashion group, acquiring control of the French fashion brand Emanuel Ungaro in 1996, and partnering with Bvlgari in 1997 to develop aromatherapy and cosmetics. In 1998, Ferragamo has partnered with Luxottica to launch a glasses series, making Ferragamo’s business more diversified. In 2002, to pay tribute to the FIFA World Cup, Ferragamo has created a limited edition commemorative product for the World Cup for the first time, for football fans to collect and collect.

In the same year, former Armani young designer Graeme Black joined Ferragamo, making Ferragamo’s fashion collection more youthful and fashionable, changing the brand style and injecting youthful vitality into the classic Ferragamo, bringing a new beginning. The 2006 Spring/Summer collection, on the other hand, focuses on the ocean as its theme, with new clothing tones and designs starting from a relaxed and pleasant feeling, creating a refreshing atmosphere. Starting from the shoes used in American film design, The name Ferragamo has an inexplicable connection with the film industry.

Actually, Ferragamo has been tirelessly committed to the development and promotion of the footwear industry. Salvatore Ferraramo not only hopes to pass on his knowledge and experience in shoe making to his family and business, but also hopes to share his passion for shoes with the world.

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