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Salvatore Ferragamo’s products

Shoes and Footwear

Ferragamo presents a unique classic style and highly anticipated new items, with a series of charming shoe tracks for you to experience the delicacy on your toes. The exquisite shoemaking craftsmanship that has been passed down for a long time by the brand cleverly blends the soft and beautiful charm of women, injecting new vitality into traditional handmade elements: the handmade weaving technique meets the Arab style, showcasing the timeless charm of classic shoes.

“Advanced ready to wear”

Graeme Black, who has been the director for more than ten seasons, is responsible for brand design for Salvatore Ferragamo for the last time. Afterwards, he will focus on his own brand design operations; To be fair, Black, who has made a significant contribution to the brand, is best known for his silk ribbon decoration, which can be said to be the biggest contributor to pushing the Salvatore Ferragamo ready-made clothing series to its peak. However, he has once again jumped out of his old employer’s business and is hardly favored by the outside world. Spring/Summer 2008, Black revolves around the 1970s and blends classic elements from the past decade, such as high waistlines, wide pant legs, and A-line skirts with shimmering fabric luster, a large number of flat fabric long and short dresses, off the shoulder short skirts decorated with silk ribbons, sheer snowboat dresses, and loose cut styles for parachute jumping. Against the backdrop of various elegant and stable color schemes, it presents a colorful and ever-changing brand history review; Especially the striped light gauze dress of lake water green and sky blue brings a romantic and comfortable Italian style charm. This is a series later developed by Ferraramo, featuring luxurious and soft creamy leather. In addition to preserving Italian tradition and meticulousness, it also caters to the diverse needs of modern people. The clothing series, both men’s and women’s clothing, strive for elegance; Leather goods include three series: travel suitcases, urban leather goods, and classic leather goods.

“Fashion handbag”

Italian leather craftsmanship meets the new colors of the season, paired with three-dimensional materials such as crocodile patterns, creating a brand new classic leisure bag series. The classic Ferragamo “Studio handbag” showcases a new seasonal style and innovative bag shape, showcasing a charming style that is different from the past; The Ferragamo shoulder bag and stray bag features a new half moon shaped design, paired with a large leather wrapped chain, giving it a unique personality.

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