Salvatore Ferragamo

Maofo Campus and Ferragamo Join Hands to Launch Collaborative Projects!

Marangoni Florence Campus has partnered with renowned luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo to launch an industry collaboration project.

This project invites students from Master’s programs in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management, Fashion Purchasing and Marketing to explore the fashion industry in depth together.

At the kickoff meeting, the Ferragamo team introduced the core pillars of the project, dividing the tasks into four parts and assigning each part to a dedicated working group. This distributed group activity enables each student to delve into the basic knowledge of the fashion industry, promoting collaboration and creativity with classmates.

As part of this project, students have the opportunity to visit the Ferragamo Museum, Archives, and Manovia to learn about the brand’s design style tradition and insights into design, materials, and creativity under the leadership of the Ferragamo team.

After several months of collaboration and research, the students showcased their collective project to Ferragamo’s team, including the e-commerce operations manager and human resources manager.

They jointly analyzed the brand history and tradition of Ferragamo and developed strong strategies for digital and digital retail channels, emphasizing content strategy.

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