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Recently, Baidu Vice President Qu Jing has become a hot topic due to employees breaking up and being criticized for leaving in seconds!

In the first video she posted, she mentioned “an employee who breaks up and resigns will be immediately criticized”, stating that it is only an employment relationship with the employee and there is no obligation to understand their personal situation. “Why do I consider the employee’s family? I am not her mother-in-law, and my main concern is whether he can deliver results to me in a timely manner in his position…””What does it have to do with me when your boyfriend broke up with you on the phone? You care so much about whether your boyfriend supports you or not, I don’t care at all. Are you crying or not? Are you arguing or not? I’m not your mother-in-law or your mother…”Renowned scholar Teacher Chen Chunhua said: Management is also about managing people’s emotions. In the workplace, besides work relationships, there is also friendship and love between people! Employees need love and motivation!

So when you find that a company places great emphasis on division of labor, responsibility, and goals, you should cherish it because it has excellent organizational and management characteristics. When you find that a company not only emphasizes division of labor, responsibilities, and goals, but also takes care of employee emotions and hobbies, and provides emotional attention, then you must love the company very much, because it is a good company. When a company is not efficient in taking care of your emotions, it is a normal company; When a company is both efficient and emotional, it is a good company; When a company has emotions but lacks efficiency, it must have problems.

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