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Countless moments of inspiration emerge as the birth of art and eternal poetry. Today, with the prevalence of red background culture, art innovation is born

It is the designer’s mission. Christian Louboutin upholds the craftsmanship and original intention, upholds the craftsmanship’s aspiration, embraces the original intention and dreams, and it is precisely this commitment

Over the past 30 years, it has created a classic symbol of red background aesthetics


Innovating Art with the Dream of Red


A special guest from the fashion group is invited to participate in this art private dinner, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the birth of Christian Louboutin Road Platinum Red sole, and exploring the innovative development of fashion and art together.


In the atmosphere of the scene, the artists spoke lightly about the meticulous craftsmanship and creation.

All endow art with new dimensions.

Insight into the aesthetics of red background, awaken artistic innovation with inspiration and thinking.

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