Christian Louboutin

Caba: craft Tour

It is what Christian Louboutin has been doing in recent years to collect inspiration with the idea of recycling in his travels around the world, and then protect and inherit human cultural heritage through creation.

Christian Louboutin divides all his works into two parts. One part is the industrial series; The other part, for him, is more like an experiment. “This part may be difficult to copy in large numbers. It belongs to another system. In this system, I am working with artisans who focus on their own skills to keep our cultural heritage alive through the transmission between people.”

“My father is a shoemaker. I grew up in an environment that respects handicrafts and artisans very much. This is very important, because in this environment, artisans like artists can be cultivated.” Christian Louboutin said, “in my opinion, artists and artisans are not too different. The difference may be that the artist will sign his works, while the craftsman rarely signs. This is not because signing will affect the beauty and interest of handicrafts, but because the craftsman’s creation is usually completed by a team, which may come from a city, a village, or a family. When artisans realize their professional skills,when they are not only serving themselves, but also serving a larger team, they usually do not sign their names on their works. This phenomenon is very common. We need to understand that the work of craftsmen is a kind of generous dedication, which will last through their life. And what makes the craftsmen so persistent from generation to generation is more a belief than work. “

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