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Walk a mile collection: The road to charity

In addition to honoring diversity through his works, Christian Louboutin is also defending diversity in his heart through cooperation with charities.

In 2020, George Floyd died due to violent law enforcement by the police. In the live broadcast, British actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina called on the society to pay more attention to the issue of racial discrimination. Christian Louboutin immediately decided to work with Idris Elba and Sabrina to create a series of charity capsules against racial discrimination.

After nearly a year of preparation, on June 16, 2021, the capsule series “aimed at improving the public’s understanding and awareness of racism” was officially launched, including a variety of shoes and handbags. The whole series is divided into two sub series. The first series is themed with the mandela’s gold variety in the bird of paradise flower. When the flower of this plant blooms, it is like a golden bird flying to the sky, implying freedom, hope and empathy; Another series is based on the theme of “walk a mile in my shoes”, which is presented in the form of handwritten words. All the proceeds from this series will be donated to non-profit charities to help improve the lives of vulnerable groups in poor areas.

“Charity capsule series is a project I have been working with Sabrina and Idris Elba. This couple are both great actors. This series started two years ago. It is a work that really advocates people against violence and racism. The creative content is also related to education. Now, the world is paying close attention to this topic, which is what we should do. We need to express around the topic of anti racism.”

Christian Louboutin introduced the operation of the project to us, “Sabrina has been looking for different charities. To some extent, when you cooperate with charities, you are bound to have an impact on them, so this cooperation must be long-term. We will cooperate with different charities every year and give them support year after year. The project is on track at this stage. You see, in the first year of the charity capsule series, nearly 1.5 million euros of revenue was donated to five charities from the United States, Britain and Africa committed to solving racism and social inequality.”

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