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Christian Louboutin | Red flight, landing in Paris

A touch of red background, the sky and the earth split. At the beginning of this year, Maison Margiela’s 2024 spring/summer haute couture collection was showcased under the Alexander III Bridge in Paris, with creative directors John Galliano and Christian Louboutin working together to perfectly integrate the two brands, and six haute couture shoes featuring trembling designs. “I remember John and I first met about 40 years ago, when he had just moved to Paris…” During the interview, Christian Louboutin unconsciously recalled his collaboration with his old friend and also recounted his past in Paris.

“The detestable aspect of Paris is to be gentle, to have emotions, to have detestable sentimentality, to treat beauty as a show off, to treat show off as beauty. Gentleness and the murky sky, the reflective roof, and the endless rain give people a feeling of despair. Here is only the soul, and this soul, without proper manners, is drunk, and loves to cry endlessly, let alone other virtues. But this soul also has a great place – to quietly endure loneliness.” In 1940, Camus wrote in his notes.

Through a hundred years, the charm of Paris has not diminished at all. The lively talent and lonely passion filled with creativity continue to unfold here. At the end of January this year, Maison Margiela’s 2024 Spring/Summer haute couture collection, led by John Galliano, drew an unforgettable conclusion to this season’s Paris haute couture week with a dramatic narrative and a final five minute round of applause.

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