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Christian Louboutin, born in Paris, France in 1963, is a high-heeled shoe designer. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school and became an apprentice at Romans sur Isere, the center of the French footwear industry. Later, he founded the eponymous brand Christie Rubuto.

Brand Introduction

In 1991, designer Christian Louboutin founded a high-end brand of the same name and opened his first boutique at 19 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau in Paris. Today, Christian Louboutin has 160 boutiques worldwide. All Christian Louboutin’s men’s and women’s shoes have a red sole that establishes their reputation. This design element has also been extended into its handbag collection, inheriting the brand’s distinctive style with a red lining.

Open toe shoes, square toe shoes were once popular but have returned. A square toe shoe that is too heavy and dramatic may be a nightmare for many people, but with a front opening, the effect is greatly different. For feminine round heads, it is a great conditioner. It’s very trendy, but it’s not as eye-catching as pointed shoes.

In the autumn and winter of 2020, a pair of exquisite square toe open toed shoes will be a good choice. The pointed toe of the shoe, resembling a blade, seemed to have just been taken off the shelves before making a comeback. It sounds like this resurgence is a bit too fast, but since slim high heels have arrived, can pointed shoes still go far?

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